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  1. Maybe someone here can help me out. I have Windows 7 and FSX acceleration with WOAI packages and and with the above configuration KLM planes do not appear in EHAM MEGAAIRPORT (Schiphol Addon airport) even when enabling VOXATC with traffic slide at max level. The strange thing is that while KLM does not work, Airfrance displays correctly. I know that KLM worked with standard FSX EHAM and it works also with other standard FSX Airports ( I tested Heathrow). The same problem seems to happen also with other addon airports, but I am not sure of this. Having read a lot on Internet I ensured the following: - In all case I tested VOXATC at medium and maximum traffic level, and ATC traffic at 0 and run everytime VOXATC indexer. I also restarted FSX to be sure. - I have disabled all shadows and DX10. - I also tested FSX folders for FS09 traffic files, that reportidly mess up traffic and converted them. - Other WOAI packages seemed to work with no problems (Transavia, BA, Delta, Esayjet, Airlingus,). However I suspect that there some other packages that might have the same problem. I am trying to learn how AFCADS, levels and bgl file work but probably I do not know enough to solve this problem. Maybe it has to do somehow with the AFCAd files and priority files and how VOXATC works reading bgl files and creating its own files (I thought but I am not sure and would know exactly how to verify) that EHAM MEGAAIRPOT has more than one AFCAD file. To me the two WOAI packages and respective traffic files do not have structural differences. Maybe VOXATC hoes a problem identiying the KLM traffic files because of priority issues or similar. If there was a tutorial on how VOXATC works maybe I could try to identify the problem. Any clue? Thnaks in advance.
  2. marcor

    Newbie questions

    To give you an example: In the manual it says: "International Clearance cessna one one five one delta will depart north for Eppley at five thousand" But in the VoxATC panel I read: "International Clearance cessna one one five one delta will depart north VFR for Eppley at five thousand" Small difference but still the difference between ATC aknowledging and not aknowledging. If I read the manual but everything is different, what use in reading? Thoeretically I could simply read the Vox panel but I would like to learn to comunicate without having the panel on screen.
  3. I am trying VoxATC to see if it is worth buying. From what I have heard it is, however I have some doubts. My impression is that VoxATC doesn't really "recognize" what you say, but "more or less" crosschecks what you say with what you are supposed to say and after a number of repetitions accepts whatever you say. While I can understand the reasoning behind this, it leads me me to a problem when I make some mistakes, because I am not sure what went wrong. Is there any flexibility on what you can say (options a part) or do you have to say exactly what written in the panel? I am asking because I have read the manual and there are differences with the suggested words in the Vox panel. Sometimes I get answers or suggested words that are different from what I thought according to the manual and I do not know how to proceed or where I am in the process (since I am not sure he accepted or understood what I said). Thanks