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  1. ALC473

    Appauling frame rates

    I might be being a little bit daft but where can I find FS9.cfg? I also did a little bit of digging last night whilst enroute to GCLP, I had Firefox still open in the background from my route planning - this was using 25% of my CPU power, TWENTY FIVE PERCENT! So I killed it and disabled my aero theme and guess what, my frame rates improved immediately. Although not perfect, I consider them now to be within acceptable limits, 25fps in the cruise and rougly 10-20 on the decent and on the ground with payware add-ons. I don't expect to get much better than that with said system, however, I am now looking at buying a new machine! If anyone has any suggestions for pre-built computers (UK) then I would be greatful! Thanks for your help so far guys, much appreciated. Adam
  2. ALC473

    Appauling frame rates

    Hi Thanks for replying and thanks for the welcome! I'll get the FS9.cfg uploaded here shortly, just on my laptop at the mo. Yeah it was a refurbished PC from eBay with the P4 in it, I do understand it's not a great CPU but I would have thought it would handle better than it is (PC is fine for everything else, including other games) - if I was to upgrade the CPU is it a simple case of taking the old one out and putting a new one in? I'm willing to do it as I admit myself the CPU obviously is far from a high end one. 9.1 patch is all installed :( Adam
  3. Hi guys, I have just bought a new computer after being away from FS9 for about 4 years, I thought the system specs where reasonable to run flight simulator but my frame rates are appauling. I'm getting around 3-4 frames when on the ground with payware scenery combined with PMDG 737. I know that previously I had a system with much less specification yet it ran at approximately 20 frames a second with exactly the same settings. Just wondering if anybody knows the answer? These are the system specs; Pentium 4 2.8ghz Windows 7 Home Premium x32 4GB ram 500GB HDD 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5450 Totally dissapointed as I just bought this computer purely for flight sim purposes after returning from overseas :( Thanks in advance, Adam