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  1. bigredclifford

    'Pilot Companion'

    Hello All, Hopefully I am not breaking any AVSIM forum terms here, I did read them and think this is ok... Over the past few months I have been developing a small software client for FSX Users. Personally, I'm not one for Virtual Airlines. I like to randomly pick airports to fly between, what plane to take and when to go. I fully understand that some people enjoy the structure of VA's, however, I made an observation within a number of small former 'Gamespy' communities that members where doing flights available through the groups VA Client not because they where interested in earning fake wages and the ability to buy fake houses ect but just because it gave them the opportunity to log the hours that they fly, the touchdown rate they achieve and be placed on a leaderboard allowing them to compare how they are doing against others. In an attempt to combat this problem I developed 'Pilot Companion'. A FREE client that allows members to do all of the above along with the ability to open all your FSX/P3D Add-ons with just one button click, find a flight plan, grab the METARS and a few more bit and pieces. When you first load a flight, you are added to a live flight board on the Pilot Companion website, it is updated with your take-off time and once you land your touchdown rate is displayed as well. Throughout the flight you are plotted onto a world map allowing others to see where like minded enthusiasts are flying. Recently I have added the ability for you to review your flights on a Pilot Report section of the site, this will be expanded into the members section within the near future. After months of testing it within a small group of simmer I have now entered an extended beta that I am allowing the public access to. Whilst I do not beleive there to be any bugs, there may be some that I have missed (hence its still being referred to as a beta). Pilot Companion is FREE and as it stands, I do not have any intention of making this a paid service. I am a Student, so whilst I am actively developing Companion, please understand that there are periods of time throughout the year when progress may dip. I hope you like it. Any feedback or comments are welcomed! Thankyou Joe