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    Still cannot install MyTraffic 6 in P3D v4

    Take the SPACE out of the line <Path>D:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft</Path> so it looks like this.... <Path>D:\MyTrafficProfessional\MyTraffic\Aircraft</Path> and change this <Path>D:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic</Path> to this <Path>D:\MyTrafficProfessional\MyTraffic</Path> When you install MyTrafficProfessional notice that the default directory is MyTrafficProfessional and NOT MyTraffic Professional, at least in my installation. I had the same problem until I discoverd this error in the downloaded .xml file. Try it and good luck. MyTrafficProfessional works great in P3dv4 when installed using the .xml ADDON method. Note that you still have to make the flightplans and manually delete the default AI traffic.
  2. Well, it appears that by setting up and calibrating the Bonanza A-36 using FSUIPC, for some strange reason, it interferes with the operation of the PMDG 737 NGX. I edited the FSUIPC.ini by removing all references to the Bonanza A36. It was the only aircraft that I had set up using FSUIPC. I may have to have separate FSUIPC.ini files for each aircraft when using the PMDG 737 NGX. I have not yet figured out where the conflict is occurring.
  3. Sorry about this posting. I had trouble getting VC knobs working in P3Dv4 with PMDG 737 NGX. The solution is the same as it was before. (I checked my old messages....) It has something to do with the FSUIPC.ini file. I am using the latest release of FSUIPC for P3D v4. Does anyone know why this is a problem? The only aircraft I had set up with the FSUIPC was the Beech Bonanza A-36. Once I deleted the FSUIPC.ini and restarted the P3Dv4 with the PMDG 737 NGX as the first aircraft loaded (Bonanza A-36 is default scenario,) the knobs became operational again.
  4. Thanks. It worked the first time I tried. Make sure that the path to both directories are correct and complete as YOU have it installed on your machine. I also recommend Notepad++ to create (and edit) the add-on.xml file. Also make sure that the add-on.xml file is int the (current user) Documents/Prepar3d v4 Add-ons/MyTraffic6 Make sure that the paths match EXACTLY the folders as you have installed them on your particular machine.
  5. Over the past couple of weeks I have had to un-install and re-install the PMDG 737 NGX. PMDG customer support added some activations. I've had some OS issues going from Win 8.1 to Win 10 and back to Win 8.1, then having to restore Win 8.1 after that. Then I had 2 HDD failures within a couple of days, they each lasted 3 years. :( I had to uninstall and / or reinstall P3D and PMDG 737 NGX several times. I also had HUD issues with the PMDG 737 NGX so I decided to un-install and reinstall both P3D and PMDG 737 NGX on a new HDD. Before I un-installed P3D I tried to "UN-REGISTER" the PMDG 737 NGX when I ran into this error code. Error #7466 and Incident #0740-0735181 telling me that I have exceeded the "un-registration" count. I apparently do not have any "Un-Registrations" left. I was able to re-install P3D and PMDG 737 NGX and they are both working OK now. When I re-installed 747 NGX in the new P3D it did not ask me for an activation code when I selected it as my "vehicle." The proper code comes up when I check it in the FMC. How do I get my "un-activations" reset? Thanks!
  6. I'm not sure if I've discovered an incompatibility of not. I was flying a flight plan using the PMDG NGX P3D 737 and using Radar Contact v 4.3. I noticed that every so often the engines would both cut out and then restart automatically and continue. Looking into the inner workings of the PMDG NGX I found a set of key commands Shift-Control-F2 for Engine 1 Idle, Shift-Control-F1 for Engine 1 Cutoff, Shift-Control-F4 for Engine 2 Idle and Shift-Control-F3 for Engine 2 Cutoff. It happened on the taxiway approaching the assigned runway when I still had command of the comms. It happened again in the air when the co-pilot had control of the comms. Does anyone know if there are internal software keystrokes generated within RC4.3 that may be issuing the above mentioned Engine Cutoff commands? I flew a route without RC4.3 and didn't have the issue. It happened about 6 times several minutes apart while using RC4.3. The engines shut down, the cockpit display did not display any warnings and the engines came right back to life after sputtering for a moment (each time.) I don't have any joystick controls set for the function of engine cut off. I have disabled the PMDG set of key stroke commands and I will report back after I've investigated further.


    OK thanks!


    The problem has been solved. It has to do with the FSUIPC.ini settings. I deleted the FSUPIC.ini and the problem went away. I restored it and it came back. I also went through the process of reinstalling P3D and all of my addons one at a time to make sure there were no problems. 772west thank you for your reply. I do not wee where I can put my full name on the forum. I checked my profile page and don't see an entry for it there. This is an AVSIM forum. Is that different than the PMDG forum you speak of?


    OK. I uninstalled and reinstalled and re-activated PMDG 737 NGX and I've installed the recommended simconnect interfaces and I cannot get the virtual cockpit knobs that control speed, heading, altitude, range, altimeter etc. to function. Some of these functions are available on the 2D panels and they work OK there. I've found the click spots and know what the grey hand and the white hand signify. The mouse wheel doesn't do anything and left and or right clicking has no effect in virtual cockpit. I am using the most current drivers and the latest Prepar3d install. Any suggestions? I am at a loss at this point. My default aircraft all work just fine. Oh, one more thing. The 2D main cockpit panel (Shift 1) is coming up all distorted and the top part of the panel is scrambled beyond use. I've correctly activated both Prepar3d and the PMDG 737NGX base package and have read and followed the instructions in the PMDG manual. Either I have missed something or I do indeed have a compatibility problem somewhere. Thanks.
  10. Hello, Thanks for having such a great site such as this where the community really helps me enjoy the hobby of flightsim. SA