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  1. Winglessnomore

    Middle of new build...Win 8.1...FSX...Win 10?

    After making the ISO or USB, do you wipe the drive clean? I also have second and third drives -actually the first and second are 250G SSD's, and the third a 1G HDD. Can I leave the 2nd and 3rd alone (no programs on them), or should they wiped clean also? I know stuff can be hidden on drives. Thx, Dave
  2. Hi All, Need some wise advice...I'm in the middle of a brand new's been a very long, drawn out affair as my free time is extremely limited. I've got Win 8.1 running very nicely now (first and only OS installed), a few other apps, and that's it. I've just been tweaking the system and still installing everything into the case. I have a new copy of FSX that I haven't even installed yet; also Saitek X55, and expect to use PMDG products. Should I move to Win 10 first? Upgrade or fresh install? (can you do a fresh install if you're only upgrading?). I haven't seen any comments about a new install of FSX on a Win 10 machine and whether or not there are activation issues. Or, would be safer to get FSX going and upgrade the OS later (though I expect comments NOT to do that). Much thanks, Dave
  3. Hi All, I have a new build in progress with two SSD; one for Windows 8.1 and one for FSX, as recommended. On which SSD should I install the Saitek X-55? Hope this question is in the right place, and if it's already been answered, greatly appreciate someone pointing me to it. Thanks!