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  1. dualProp

    FSX Microsoft server - Real Weather

    "Don't I think" .... hmmm sorry for being such an idiot on such an important post. I just thought that the community that uses your forum was wondering why the FSX real weather stopped working. This is quoted from the very first post: "It appears that the Microsoft FSX weather server has not been updating for some weeks." So I put that in a response to that post just in case some other people may have been looking for a reason why the real weather doesn't work. You can still purchase the FSX product from Microsoft but the weather won't work unless you write your own app or purchase a real weather addon. Yet again I'm sorry for not thinking like the idiot I am and I hope that my post at least helps someone even though I feel like a total idiot after how you replied.
  2. dualProp

    FSX Microsoft server - Real Weather

    Simmers the contract has terminated between Jeppesen and Microsoft http://ww1.jeppesen.com/aviation/personal/simcharts-download.jsp