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  1. Never mind. I got around it by changing the line in FSX.cfg for controls default=Null. Now everything is saved in control.xml
  2. Hello all. I am at my wits end! I've searched on all the forums for an answer to this problem. I found lots of info but can't figure it out. The problem. I use to fly FSX with a Logiteck Extreme 3D Pro and was able to assign different items to the buttons on the joystick and that worked fine and it remained the same for all the next sessions of FSX. I've since removed that joystick, plugged in my new Saitek Pro flight yoke, throttle and Saitek rudder pedals, intalled the latest drivers and successfully calibrated same. I assigned a bunch of buttons to the yoke, set my throttle axis and rudder pedal assignments using the FSX control section. It flew great for that session. The next day, I started FSX and all the buttons that I assigned had reverted back to default. I'm not using FSUIPC. The standard.xml file in user\appsdata\roamiing\microsoft\fsx\controls shows no mention of the saiteck yoke, throttle or rudder pedals. I've tried resetting permissions for FSX folder. I've tried running FSX as Admin, setting new assignments, exiting FSX, then restarting FSX only to find everything was back to default. It takes about 20 minutes to rest all those assignments each time I run FSX. There must be a way of editing the control.xml file or renaming it to something else that can be used each time I start FSX. Any help would be greatly appreciated.