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  1. Guys, i have great news i have also been where you all are i bought the saitek multi panel for my xplane 10 setup everything worked but the display i searched to fix this and it was all the same try unplugging the usb then back in again or go into device settings and turn off power options. i tried spad and the saitek drivers nothing worked but i finally found a way and tested it many times it works every time now, here is what i did i installed the saitek drivers that came on the disc after install i went to install location and opened the multi panel test it will recognize the buttons you press but wont show anything on display here is what you have to do while still in the test unplug the usb and plug back in you should instantly see the display work it will flash a bunch of diff numbers now while your in the test stay in it and open xplane or fsx whatever sim u play but make sure you didnt exit the test once you make it into the game fully as meaning you are on a runway turn on your avionics and battery and now finaly exit the test while you are now in xplane or fsx it worked for me and i hope it works for you the sad part is you have to go through this process everytime but hey if you were like me you were worried sick you just invested in 130 bucks that barely works well now you can play your sim with a fully working multi panel oh and just in case you were wondering my os is windows 8.1