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  1. Deadmeat

    Considering ORBX Scenery in DX10

    Hey All - thanks very much - that is just what I wanted to know. I have hunted around a lot on the web & forums, but wasn't sure what the payware version brought to the table. Peter
  2. Hi All, I am a beginner FSX simmer, but experienced w/ race sims, IL-2, Falcon, etc.: .cfg/.ini file tweaks, community mods, FPS comparos, etc. I did a lot of homework on NVidia Investigator and fsx.cfg tweaks as per AVSim & other guides. Did some basic tweaks and now have a nice, stable install of FSX Gold in Win 7 X 64 running DX10. Good stability and video/graphics performance using 1/2 refresh rate tweak. Recently I have tried Orbx demos and am interested in ORBX Global, but concerned about DX10. I have searched forums, but have questions in the 2014 FSX environment: 1. Is SteveFX's payware fix worth the 40.00 or does the freeware shader fix work just as well for Orbx Global, Vector & other addons? Does it help the stock FSX video performance 2. In DX10 is it better to use Flight1 FX or Orbx products? 3. SteveFX vs. NVidia SweetFX Shader? 4. Are Mesh addons better than scenery upgrades or are they complimentary? Thanks very much for all the great info! Peter