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  1. Hi, Simple noob question- is there a way for showing altitude and air speed in chase view? I know in FSX you could bring up panels in external view, so just wondering if the same was available here.
  2. Thanks, that helps and is do-able for me. I may proceed with ordering it soon then. How many DVDs does the full install take? And typically how large are files related to add-on aircraft? I guess I'll need to upgrade my SSD at some point later on to take full advantage of the extras...
  3. Hello everyone! I've been a fan of MS Flight Simulator for many years and just heard of XPlane very recently. I've tried the demo and I like it, and I may be ready to buy the full version (home use). I wanted to know how much hard drive space the simulator takes up. I have a Solid State Drive with only about 86 GBs free, and I read somewhere that the game takes up 80 GBs?! That's cutting it real close, so I'm hesitant to pick it up unless it doesn't really take up that much space. Any info or suggestions would be great. Thanks!