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  1. Thanks for you reply, I managed to fix this problem by running the simconnect installer again because someone recommended to do so in another topic. I don't know how but the problem is fixed now.
  2. Hello, I have a problem regarding loading PMDG planes into my sim. Whenever i try to load any PMDG plane into the sim (737, 747 and 777), the sim crashes and gives a kernelbase.dll error. This is really weird because default aircraft load just fine. Restarting my PC didn't work. I tried to fix this by running sfc /scannow into CMD, didn't work. I tried installing the newest Nvidia drivers, didn't work either. Has anyone else encountered this problem and/or found a fix? Help would be very much appreciated! Regards, Bram Sars
  3. Thanks alot Keven, seems like that's what i was looking for! BTW, i really love how you are interacting with your customers, certainly something most devs don't do :)
  4. Hello, I have a question regarding Chaseplanes default zoom level. The default zoomlevel seems to be 1.00. However i would like to change this to lets say 0.70. Now this is possible, but once i switch to another view and switch back, the zoom level resets itself to 1.00. (No, i can't just set the camera backwards as my ''head'' will be in the seat, plane: PMDG 737 NGX) Question: Is there a way to edit the default zoom level in Chaseplane so i don't have to change it all the time? Thanks
  5. Hello, I just installed ORBX FTX Global in P3D v4. FTX Central is working fine but FTX Configurator (including OLC and Lights) are not working. If i try to open one those three i get a message saying: ''Unable to locate the scenery.cfg file: Unable to locate the scenery.cfg file'' Link to the message Is this a known problem and does anyone know how to fix this?