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  1. Hello ! Thank you very much for your answer Bryan ! I do a flight last night, and it's all perfect. It's really a good job you have made and much better in all way than the previous release i have (the legacy one) !! ... very happy to have it, and reste for me to practice again... and again Have a nice day ! Philippe
  2. Hi all ! I just get the new Reboot version today and only one probleme (may be not !) i d'ont understand yet (all the rest is perfect !) I just try in SOP2, but when i start the [Run Preflight Events], the FO start batt.. ect but finaly start the APU and not the GPU instead. The option [RUN ELEC PWR UP GPU PRE CON] is OFF. May be something i not understand !? ... or is it different than the Legacy Version ? My english is not so good sorry..., i'm french ! Thanks à lot for for your help ! Philippe