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  1. Hello ! Thank you very much for your answer Bryan ! I do a flight last night, and it's all perfect. It's really a good job you have made and much better in all way than the previous release i have (the legacy one) !! ... very happy to have it, and reste for me to practice again... and again Have a nice day ! Philippe
  2. Hi all ! I just get the new Reboot version today and only one probleme (may be not !) i d'ont understand yet (all the rest is perfect !) I just try in SOP2, but when i start the [Run Preflight Events], the FO start batt.. ect but finaly start the APU and not the GPU instead. The option [RUN ELEC PWR UP GPU PRE CON] is OFF. May be something i not understand !? ... or is it different than the Legacy Version ? My english is not so good sorry..., i'm french ! Thanks à lot for for your help ! Philippe
  3. Hi, Ok, i found a solution for all this stuff (alone, no one answer from three different forum :unsure: ) So, 3 computer at all for FSX: - Master : FSX Running alone (except Rex but only for texture and Ivap-Ivao Server without windows), on Full Screen (i win like 2 or 3 fps in full screen mode instead or Windowed). - Slave 1 : PFPX - ASN - Slave 2 : Xpax - Ivap-Ivao Client (and for looking map and other thing !) - PFPX use internet only. - ASN use Simconnect (i take the PORT = 500) with std configuration (Simconnect.cfg / .ini / .xml) - Xpax use Simconnect (Same configuration than Slave 1) - Ivap use... i don't know what !!! But, the crasy thing is that he can reach and work with the Master Computer without any trouble when i put the configuration on [single PC] and no [Multi-PC:This pc does not run Flight simulator (slave)] like it's writing every where. On the Master computer, Ivap Server, have the PORT 500 listening and the [Multi-PC: This pc runs Flight Simulator]. Before trying this, i have tried 1.000 possibilty without succes for having all application working together. One time, Ivap work, and the other not, and vice et versa. This option was for me the last to try, because, it can't work like that for me... Finaly, that was the solution. So, maybe, there is a little trouble in the Ivap configuration tool !! I think, but no try yet, that Ivap use the Simconnect.cfg using already by Xpax (cfg in \\my document), that the only way to find my FSX running on the master computer. For information, i don't have WideFs. So for now, all is perfect, i can fly on Ivao, see other plane of other pilot, with beautiful ASN weather and REX clound, my my fsx turn about 30 fps with 1920*1200 Res on a 24inch monitor with almost full option with PMDG 777... great Expect all this can help, i spend like 10 hours and being crasy with all this strange stuff. Philippe
  4. Hi, So, yesterday, i spend some time to clean every thing and try again. There is no change now between have <MaxClients> or not in the SimConnect.xml ! It's a strange world but more logical in this way ! So, all is ok now with ASN et Xpax (on 2 client computer) but Ivap not (i try with using this 2 computer), i only get the [NET] light on (Like ivap reach FSX but not correctly for accepted FSX connexion). I'm juste asking if IVAP can work with Simconnect while an other application is running at the same time ? Any body have on Client computer IVAP and other application using only SimConnect ? If yes, are you using the same PORT ans/or same option on the SimCOnnect.CFG ? May be i need WideFs in this configuration for multi client Add-on ? Thanks (and sorry for the poor quality of my english !!) Philippe
  5. Hi all ! I juste spend a lot of time to understand why i can't use together IVAP (V.2) and ASN with SimConnect. It's very simple : ASN work fine when i put the <MaxClients>64</MaxClients> in my SimConnect.xml but IVAP not working (Connexion NET only). When i remove <MaxClients>64</MaxClients> from the SimConnect.xml, Ivap work fine ... and ASN not !!! (Idem for Xpax). I try to testing few thing but without success. O.S is Windows 764Bits on the server and client side. Any Body have an Idee how to resolve this trouble ?? Thanks you Kangis