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  1. daplaneguy

    Looping start sound

    Hey guys Loving the bird.... its been a fun challenge converting back to the MD from the 717. I got a problem with starting from Cold & Dark. I get a looping "starter" sound. Someone mentioned this on the facebook group but I did not see a solution. It plays the entire starter sound file and then starts over. I've tried spawning with a default aircraft first, spawning with default aircraft shut down, trying the old "press Q" trick to kill out a stuck sound. But there it remains, sitting at the gate, battery off.....with a jet starter sound looping endlessly. Thoughts?
  2. daplaneguy

    Strange Callsign

    I had the same issue on the maiden voyage. Make sure you set your airline in the vehicle selection as "Delta" - mine was set to "Delta Airlines" which my editvoicepak did not have a file for and thus it said MDDG4.