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  1. Nonono that's not what I meant. I mean it's programmed too basic. I know the citation avionics in detail. The FLC definitely has to be fixed to able to be manipulated
  2. Its not a frustration more a disappointment. I simply expected it to be more funcitonal and not THAT simple. Of course I dont expect a highly detailed system.
  3. Hey guys, Just bought this plane because I fly the CJ1 in real life and wanted to have a good experience on the same type of aircraft in P3D. On my first flight I found some things I missed and things that dont work properly. I list them below and maybe im the problem here or its just not implemented: 1. FMS Takeoff and Perf Init page (big thing) - When setting up the avionics i searched the TO performance page in the FMS to get my TO distance and of course TO speeds. The speeds will normally be, when activated, visible on the PFD in the speed band which is very helpful and mandatory for takeoff and landing (APP Perf). 2. PFD/MFD format - When selecting the Format select key on the PFD or MFD nothing is changing. I cant even get to Rose mode (for classic navigation) or PPOS (for getting my track on PFD) 3. PFD/MFD range - I dont think the range display (eg. 1.0) is the right value. The hightes range is 8.0 and on the MFD with the Map overlay you can see like 600nm or so. Something is weird here. 4. FD mode FLC - When actived it shows the current airspeed as a value in the FMA. Now you should be able to manipulate this value by scrolling the VS knob on the pedestrial. But when I do so, the circle on the VSI changes NOT the speed, which should change. So its impossible to manipulate the FLC value on the fly. 5. FD mode NAV - After departure I selected the FMS preset on PFD and afterwards activated the NAV mode. The plane flew to the next waypoint and then overflew it and didnt turn. So I selected a intercept heading with HDG mode and tried to activate NAV again. Nothing happened. It didnt get armed or activated. The FMA stayed blank on the left side. 6. Thrust notches - Why there are no TO, MCT, CRU notches for the thrust level? Normally you put it back to MCT on Acc. ALT and back to CRU in Cruise to get proper Thrust values. 7. IGN switches - Why do the IGN switches have to be in the ON position for engine start? Normally you put the in NORM and the ignition comes on when the thrust levels are moved to IDLE and an "IGN" should appear left/right of the ITT gauge. I think I can find some more, these were the most obvious for me, but maybe its because Im coming from a CJ1 although it should be pretty similar. So if im wrong or missed something I appreciate tipps and tricks from you guys But I think in this stage the plane is not worth 40 bucks. I would of course love to see updates with more functional and fixed Avionics and FMS. Greetings