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  1. Hi, have recently been having graphical issues with FSX that have become so persistent that I am no longer able to use the simulator,which is very disappointing as I have spent a lot of money on software and hardware for the simulator. The problems initially began with blocks of ground textures dropping out after a short period of use, every time I reloaded the software it would only be a matter of time before it would start again. Now I find a cannot adjust the autogen and when I reinstall FSX most of the aircraft are damaged,eg wings and parts of fuselages missing. I have tried reloading the operating system numerous times and scanning the entire system for malware and have not found any. I am now beginning to wonder if these problems might be associated with overclocking. My system has a Intel i7-2700K CPU overclocked to 4.6 Ghz with 32GB of RAM, GForce GTX 680 Graphics Card and 4Terabytes storage. I would be very grateful for any advice. Cheers!