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    Joystck calibration fail

    Hi and thanks for the reply. The joystick got calibrated when i installed it. In the driver its dead center, and the same in other games like warthund and World of warplanes, but in this its a bit un centered on all axis ( exept throttle ofc.) Roll, Pitch and Yaw are centered a bit to much to the left. Are there any other ways to center it in the game?
  2. Hi there. I am having a Little problem calibrating my cyborg V1 flight stick. When i run the calibration ingame it will not center at all... Every bar is a bit to much to the left, and not centered. Ofc. this gives some major problems, just standing still on the runway. Well it turns around in circles. Rather funny to look at, but last time i took of, i smashed in to the Tower at LAX... It is not crosswind unless there is a freaking tornado on top of me. Crosswind is a popular answer i noticed Not the perfect takeoff. Are there any way i can center my joystick, so it is centered and not "Centered slightly to the left"