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  1. thanks for the information. After erasing all things Saitek and reloading fresh drivers and software, I decided that the throttle is at fault and unplugged it. FSX settled right down and runs well w/o the throttle. Guess I need to open up the throttle and inspect the wiring. Perhaps a new X-56 is in order, hmmm....
  2. My Saitek X-55 HOTAS joystick pumps out X and Y axis commands. This is good. These axis commands control the ailerons and elevator on FSX aircraft. Oddly enough, my Saitek X-55 HOTAS throttles are pumping out the same X and Y commands to control the engine(s) throttle. As a result, I have zero control of the engines with HOTAS throttles and if I move throttle #1 the ailerons move abruptly, Throttle #2 moves the elevator. Bad. According to the controller setup FSX-SE looks to the Z axis to control the engine throttles. Why then, does my Saitek throttles pump out X and Y axis commands? Is there a way to program/direct the throttles to send out Z axis commands or, is my X-55 HOTAS broke?? Help please...