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  1. Follow up - Found a PWR Fan slot on my mobo along with the original cpu fan slot it was plugged into. Plugging into either or causes the fan to remain at 0 rpm. Almost certain its a fan failure at this point. Guess my 737 is grounded due to fan failure
  2. Just Amazon primed a 3 pin fan adapter along with a new fan for the heck of it to rule out these possibilities. Thanks, hopefully will update this thread in a couple of days with good news.
  3. As a mechanical engineer...I've always been told if it buzzes don't touch it. With that said my electrical knowledge is pretty low haha. The two other fans I have in the system have larger 3 pin connectors with a red and black wire running to them, while the cpu fan is hooked up to a much smaller slot on the motherboard with a 4 wire connection consisting of black, green, blue and yellow. So its a no go in testing a different fan to the motherboard. I was able to do a flight with my PMDG from KMSP to KMDW no problem last night and the fan cooled the CPU as it was supposed to. Earlier today while just listening to Pandora however, the CPU fan stopped again and the temps of the CPU went up to the 70 degrees C range. I saw readings of 0 RPM, and then it would show 1100 RPM momentarily before returning to the 0 RPM. When it showed 1100 RPM nothing would actually happen but you could tell the motherboard was trying to power the fan. I am guessing that I have enough current supplying all of my required systems since it seems to be fine running FSX and the PMDG on maxed out graphics like I just mentioned, but when the fan decides to quit running and the CPU overheats all hell just breaks loose and I get that minimum 1 FPS while the CPU is trying to prevent being overheated. Is there another way to determine if its the Motherboard vs the Fan? I may end up having to buy myself a new MOBO which might work out as I can't OC this H61 anyways. Martin - I have the Fan settings all to Full on in the BIOS, still no change, computer works great and performs great when the CPU fan wants to do its job.
  4. Nothing is running in the background, all the connections appear to be fine inside of the computer. I suspect that running the CPU at full load would increase the CPU fan RPM but this is not the case, it seems like the CPU just shuts off and runs at like a Windows 95 speed lol.
  5. Okay so update, I checked out the hardware inside of the tower after everything went to hell again while not even on fsx. The CPU fan would move like 2 degrees at a time and then stop, it was definitely struggling. All of the temperatures seem all right though. Right now the CPU temp is at 32C/89F and the fan speed is at 2100 RPM. It didn't look like there was too much dust built up but I will probably go buy some canned air just to make sure. Any other ideas guys? I appreciate the help greatly! If worse comes to worse I guess this might end up just giving me an excuse to buy a new MOBO/CPU/PSU Also I'd imagine there's no malware since I just did a factory restore.
  6. As the title says, for some reason FSX just recently started using all 4 cores at 100%. I am getting literally like 2 fps. Just a week ago I was flying fine with the PMDG 737 NGX then all of the sudden S just hit the fan. I didn't change anything, and this happens even with min graphics. I am running intel i5 2500K 3.3 ghz turboed to 3.7. Cant overclock it because apparently I was stupid a year ago and bought the ASROCK H61. I also have the GTX 680 graphics card, this sounds like its way better than what I really need for FSX since its CPU based. I am running a 500W power supply, 8 GB of ram as well. It also is doing it with just flying a 172 on default settings. Do I need to factory restore my shitbox of a computer? Oh and I tried reinstalling fsx, squawkbox, and pmdg. Thanks in advance!
  7. nray25

    Hot Keys not Working

    Wow, I guess sometimes I am stupid and other times I am really stupid. Left the green bar highlighted in the FMC. Forgot to unclick that. Working great now, sorry for the thread. Awesome aircraft by the way!
  8. nray25

    Hot Keys not Working

    Good Evening, I just installed the PMDG NGX 737-800. When I run the simulator and I click on the FMC and then exit out of the FMC it will no longer let me use the keyboard. For example I can no longer press G to retract the landing gear upon takeoff. When I press any button all I will get is some hand thing on the screen. The joystick buttons all work fine though. I am running an i5-2500K 3.3 Ghz processor with a AMD 6670 graphics card. I can't overclock the system because I am running the ASrock H61 but the CPU does go up to 3.7 Ghz with that turbospeed thing.