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  1. tomigp

    Shutdown procedure

    Sometimes, when I conect to ground without turning on the APU and then switch-off both engines, the airplane seems to have a instant blackout while some others the airplane switch smoothly to the ground plugs without any issues
  2. tomigp

    Shutdown procedure

    Good day I have a question. After landing is it compulsory to start the APU and later on to connect to ground plugs or the APU can be skipped and the airplane is able to connect to ground directly? Thanks for your answer!
  3. tomigp

    PMDG products in two computers

    Thanks,i appreciate your interest. See you in the sky
  4. tomigp

    PMDG products in two computers

    So nobody can assure me that I can use and install it in my own computers but not simultanously? Hope somebody knows Thanks
  5. tomigp

    PMDG products in two computers

    I'd like to read it before buying it. Is that possible?
  6. I'd like to know if I can use those products in my notebook and in my desktop computer. I will not use them at the same time. Thanks in advance Thomas Gomez