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  1. Hi everyone! I am going to delid my Haswell i7 4770k using the vice method and I currently have Coolaboratory Liquid Pro. Though this post was mainly for Ivy Bridge, can I just follow it for Haswell? I'm really new to all this so sorry if asking dumb questions. After applying CL pro on the die, do I wait for it to dry or do I just proceed with putting the IHS on and then remounting it? I think I will also apply CL pro on the underside of the IHS because I have not read anywhere that the spacing issue between the IHS and die changed since Ivy Bridge. Does anyone know of anything new regarding this? Is it okay to just rely on the mounting bracket to hold the IHS and cpu together since I will clean off the adhesive material? Or should I use another adhesive after delidding and putting on CL pro to hold the die and IHS together before remounting? Thanks Will I may be answering one of my questions but perhaps maybe I shouldn't let the TIM dry before putting the IHS back on since the whole point of using TIM is to allow better contact (due to uneven surfaces or the tiny gaps) between their surfaces. And so it would be better to join them together asap to form as much contact as possible. Is this reasoning correct? Will
  2. Thank you everyone for the discussion and feedback. I'm thankful to have this forum and community where I can get advice and learn about all this flight sim stuff. Struggling to just breathe and have a moment in the midst of dealing with loads of stress and work. That's why I'm looking for an escape through this. I'm a little worried that I will not even have the time to use my FSX comp once it's built. I don't even know what all this overclocking and tweaking is about but suspect it is a must or at least very important. Got loads to read and learn. Hope I can get there. I'm going to order the Sabertooth. I'm all for reliability and long warranty. I sincerely appreciate everyone else's input though. Now I just gotta find mobo memory sticks and a power supply unit. I don't have to be picky about those do I? I'll just get ones that fit into the Saber and get 750 to 850W PSU, right? Thank you again all. Will
  3. Hi everyone. Novice here when it comes to flight sim. I plan to build a PC dedicated for FSX (Been left just a little unsatisfied with my Dell Inspiron which I bought 4 years ago. Not much fun with FSX or 2009. Hope you understand =\ hehe Having trouble finding a motherboard best suiting the parts I already bought. So far I ordered: i7-4770k processor evga nvidia gtx 780 cooler master haf-932 samsung evo 840 solid state as far as motherboards go, I'm looking to the z87 mobo but have no idea really what the differences among them mean for FSX.. for example: Asus Sabertooth Asus Maximus Hero Asus Maximus Formula Asus Extreme I've looked it up on newegg and asus and forums but i've been out of the loop with pc technology that the stuff I read is very unfamiliar... Can anyone just tell in brief terms their recommendations and why? Thanks in advance. Can't wait to put this thing together Will