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  1. Pilot22132

    FS2Crew NGX reboot

    oh ok. I wasn't sure if that was normal or not so I thought I might have missed a step of some sort after reinstalling the product.
  2. Pilot22132

    FS2Crew NGX reboot

    sorry for all the questions, but since it says version 2 in the config panel, the QRH still shows up in red. How do I change that?
  3. Pilot22132

    FS2Crew NGX reboot

    I opened up the FS2Crew NGX reboot configuration from the desktop and notice it says FS2Crew NGX reboot V2. However, when I load up my PMDG 737 with FS2Crew and i look at the QRH tab, I notice it is in Red. and i'm assuming its not suppose to be in red. would the best option be to uninstall Fs2Crew and reinstall it to see if that works?
  4. I purchased FS2Crew NGX reboot and i'm currently using it now as i'm doing a flight and I know that the Version 2.0 was released a month or so ago and know its available to update. However, I purchased NGX reboot from simmarket as I had some issues purchasing it directly from the FS2crew Website. I click the website page button but it takes me directly to the FS2Crew website. Since I purchased NGX reboot from sim market, how would I then update ngx reboot to be able to use the QRH section for the product? thanks
  5. Pilot22132

    PMDG 737 purchase

    I got the issue resolved after sending a ticket in after figuring it out. I now have the PMDG 737 downloaded and running on my sim. thanks. I got the issue resolved and now have the PMDG 737 installed on my computer.
  6. Pilot22132

    PMDG 737 purchase

    I tried and I was directed to the forum for the support.
  7. Pilot22132

    PMDG 737 purchase

    This is my first post regarding the PMDG 737. I just purchased Lockheed Martin's P3D, after getting it installed on my computer, I went and purchased the PMDG 737 for the P3D license, I got a receipt back and was charged for the purchase, I went into my previous purchase and I get a message that says You currently do not have any previous orders in this store. I purchased the PMDG 737 directly from the website. How is it possible that I don't have any previous orders in the store when I was charged for the product? I wasn't sent a download link or anything to my email. I need some help getting the issue resolved or I will be asking for a refund of my money for a product I didn't even get. Thanks Christopher Lyon