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  1. Agreed, I guess it depends what you use the laptop for. I only used a laptop because I used it for work too. And that was an $800-1000 laptop. If you are gonna use the computer for flying and gaming purposed only then I would recommend spending the money and building a decent desktop computer. Just my opinion tho
  2. Also ensure you don't have auto rudder enabled in your settings
  3. I had this problem too, for me all I did was uninstalled and then installed the NGX and the problem went away.
  4. I used to run the PMDG 737 on FSX a few years back on an old Toshiba laptop. For me I found that it destroyed my FPS. But I was also a stickler for setting the sliders to the right. So I guess it also depends on in sim settings etc!
  5. +1 Agree with all of this. The 737 NGX is pretty much the only plane i have used constantly in FSX/P3D. If PMDG Can start to add all these features which the 777/747 all have, for me it would make the NGX the best plane add-on. For me having the opportunity to go up to the flight deck after a flight here in Australia, never realised how small those cockpit windows are. They captain even told me he had to lower his seat when he taxis in so he can see the Nose in guidance system. If they could re model the cockpit, add a nice re fuel feature like the 777 has where you can see the fuel numbers go up 1 by 1 etc. For me a huge one would be like an ACARS option too. Where you could import your flight plan, have the current weather etc. If this could be done, then wow!! Just thoughts tho Edit - Actually I think the thing that would do it for me would be if the VC displayed rain drops, oh my!!! But then again I understand why it cant be done.
  6. Hey guys, So I purchased As16 and ASCA a while back, but always went back to REX 4 for clouds etc. Something clicked today and I went and purchased Envtex as I have seen a lot of people talking about it. Just wondering if someone is able to give me bit of guide to set it all up. And also what is the best PTA preset to be using, I love the dark cockpits but also the really blue days. Is someone able to share some of there photos, or maybe point me in the right direction! Cheers
  7. Hey guys, So got my new 4K monitor as discussed in a new thread! I've found the loss of FPS is big but what I've learnt it's to be expected with the more pixels etc! My problem is even tho the FPS isn't the best it still seems smooth and not many stutters, but I'm having a problem with blurries? I've turned down the settings to maybe medium ish. Is there any tweaks I can use ? I've seen a lot of threads about 6700K affinity mask but not really sure ? Any suggestions
  8. Yeh maybe it doesnt, maybe i just havent set it up correctly! Will be interesting to hear peoples thoughts! But if i can say it looks amazing, never seen anything better
  9. Hey guys, So recently purchased a 4K monitor! Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to set it up! When i go into P3D there is a huge drop in frame rate. Does anyone know how to fix this ? So its set to 3840 X 2160 with a HDMI cable, in P3D i have selected the 3840 X 2160 resolution, the sim look fantastic, its just the FPS! Any suggestions ? Graphics card is a GTX1070 ROG Strix 8GB
  10. Hey guys, So as I have said before in a thread I have upgraded my system ( I7 6700K 4.7Ghz best OC i could get it too, GTX1070 ROG STRIX 8GB, 16GB ram, Corsair H110I cooler ) Now I just have a few questions - - Im now using the 4XSGSS through Nvidea inspector, pretty much the only tweak im really using, but it still seems that the VC is blurry in a way, have all the P3D in sim settings set to Max. - Best PTA Tool preset? Which one is everyone using for realism / Looks ? - Should I enable or disable hyperthreading ? - Any tweaks people are running for P3D / Nvidea control panel / Nvidea inspector ? Would be cool to listen to everyones opinions... Cheers
  11. Hey! Yeh im just in the overclocking process, what was your voltage for 4.8Ghz??
  12. Hey guys, So i got my new upgraded PC today and first impressions are very very good ( Specs below ) I7 6700K GTX ROG Strix GTX1070 8GB ASRock z170 Extreme6+ Corsair 16GB ram Corsair Hydro Series H110i Extreme I also picked up a new monitor - Asus vc279h After destroying my bank account im pretty happy with it Just a question, I have seen alot of videos of the 30Hz setup, which looks incredibly smooth. Is anyone able to give me a rough guide on how to do it ? Cheers
  13. Hey guys, So ive upgraded my PC, thanks for all your help! I have seen heaps of videos with locking P3D at 30 FPS and setting the monitor refresh rate to 30Hz. Was just wondering if anyone can link me to a good monitor ? Cheers
  14. Thanks so much! Changed the order to a Z170
  15. I have had it overclocked to 4.4GHZ since i got it, but lately i have had alot of BSOD, the person who i take my PC to said its due to the CPU, the most stable i could get it OC was about 3.9Ghz unfortunately Are you able to link me please thank youu Do you guys think I should upgrade the Power supply unit aswell? Or wont it need to be upgraded with these new components
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