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  1. I managed to download the WOAI installed for the packages, only problem is when i attempt to sign in using my avsim credentials it comes up and says Avsim login has failed and to check my username and password when i know they are correct as i have signed into avsim with them... Any tips
  2. Hey guys, So ive been away from P3D for 3 months, in that time ive become aware that IVAO have taken there IVAO MTL off the vpilot list. What is everyone using now for traffic matching ect
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering what nvidea driver everyone is using with P3D V3, Recently got a new system so just unsure as to what the best driver would be.
  4. Hey guys, After years being on the Vatsim network, I thought it would finally be time to have a go at some AI ect. So I purchased My traffic 6. First impressions is its pretty good, I had a few days with the normal default atc. Is okay but I would like something more advanced ( sids stars ect ) So my question is what ATC program? I was thinking along the lines of pro atc x but I thought I should get you guys opinions first.... Cheers
  5. Hey guys, So i love DX10 at the moment except for 1 small problem. When im using water settings in the 2X ( Low 2X, High 2X Ect ) It seems that when the sun is reflecting of a certain bit of water it goes purple. From a distance when you look to where the sun isnt shining down onto the water is a perfect looking Blue! I can attach a screen shot if you like. But does any one know how i can get rid of the Purple water textures with the water settings on any of the 2X. Im using Rex 4 For textures and Active Sky next I dont know if that would have anything to do with it ? With STeves DX10, is there a setting i can adjust in there ? Kind regards and any advice or suggestions is muchly appreciated Jack
  6. Hey guys, Im having two problems At the moment within Flight Sim X Problem 1 ) I installed Quality wings 757 And then im going to be perfectly honest i really disliked the plane so i uninstalled it. Im now getting this message when FSX starts up - http://qwsim.flight1.net/forums/cant-uninstall-757_topic2637.html ( The link is to another Topic of which i am suffering from ) Anyone know how i can remove this very annoying message ? Problem 2 ) I have just decided to switch to DX10. I have bought from the flight sim store Steves DX10 Fixer, And used it configure shaders ECT. To me it seems with DX10 on makes the aircraft look i dont really know how to say this but make the aircraft look kind of ugly and different compared to DX10 being off. Please view my two screen shots of With DX10 and Without DX10 You can see the difference in the look of the aircraft. Can anyone tell me whats going on here and how i can make it look like Without DX10 when i have DX10 enabled?? Sorry if i have confused you
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