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  1. TrackIR is version 5.2.200, X-Plane is version "10.25 Web Demo Download 64 bit." Could it be that it's a demo version of XP?
  2. I just installed the demo version of X-Plane and like it well enough that I ordered the DVD's. At the rendering settings I'm using I get a drop from 45 to 30 fps when I enable TrackIR 5, which otherwise works fine. I've never had more than a fps or two impact from TrackIR in other games. I'm just running an I5-3570k 3.4 at 4.2 and a Gigabyte 7950 3gb at 1000/1250, 8 gigs of system ram, win7 64... Why would my frame rate crash so bad when TrackIR comes on? Too few cores? I'm lost as I wouldn't run X-Plane without TrackIr, but I sure hate that 33% hit, and 45 fps is noticeably nicer than 30... TIA, Steve :rolleyes: