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  1. I'm not an expert flight simmer, but all I can say is that with Prepar3D4, Traffic Global gives me airplanes of incredible detail, good looking, and I don't have any FPS issues even with AI turned way up. I'm not sure how they do this (or maybe it's P3D?).. because back in the day with my same computer and FSX, any add-on AI airplanes were mediocre at best, but they served their purpose, to put some airplanes in / around me at an airport. I was never worried that they were following exact schedules. I just like seeing the correct planes at their appropriate airports. The planes in Traffic Global look better than my own planes back in FSX! And things like landing gear, takeoffs, they look so much more real now. Again, I'm not a strict power user so I can't speak to the accuracy of the flights or even whether or not they are using the correct liveries .. :).. I just know the planes look great and my sim runs smooth even in Chicago lol!! Jeff
  2. to w6kd!! THANKS!!! I realize this is many years old, but this fixed my problem!!! I can now fly my Flight1 ATR without CTDs!! I'm using FSX Steam! All settings maximum. I never load the default plane, I just jump right in. Disabling those three PMDG modules in the dll.xml file fixed my problem. Thanks!!! I hope to share this with anyone else trying to run the old F1 ATR. It was/is a great plane!!
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