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  1. Of course, as any simmer should be 😎 VoxATC is indeed the best ATC addon I know, but if it could be even better, almost perfect, it would be the best ever 😁
  2. Hello John, Thanks for your reply, this is actually what I do to mitigate the effects of the ATIS not updating, unfortunately, in the case of Parallel runways operations, or if the wind is VRB, I would have to request the Approach the prepared runway to force my way 😁
  3. OK thanks for your clarification, unfortunately, no mention of 6000, only "cleared as filed" given in the Departure clearance... I sometimes get a "Maintain 6000, expect FLXXX 10 minutes after departure" but not always. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your answer Tegoid. I checked the SID ELBEG7S for LFSB, and the Initial climb clearance is 7000, and there is no other altitude restrictions, but VoxATC was telling me to descend to 6000. Is this a default behavior to set a 6000 restriction? Regards
  5. Thanks for your answer Tegoid Best regards,
  6. Hello, When approaching the TOD during an IFR flight, I noticed the ATIS is keeping the weather information of the departure time, therefore it is unfortunately not possible to know which is the Runway-in-use to prepare the approach on the FMS... It seems the ATIS is only updated close the arrival airfield, at about 50 NM. Switching off/on VoxATC to update the ATIS does not seem to be working, and the weather in the ATIS is set to default values (Temp 20/0, Wind calm, QNH 1013). I am using VoxATC 7.43, with P3D 4.5HF3 and Active Sky for P3Dv4. Do you know if there is a workaround to force the update of the ATIS near the TOD? Thanks,
  7. Hello, When I am departing from an airport, after passing FL060/6000 during the climb, the ATC request me to descent to FL060/6000, whereas on the Departure clearance I was told to proceed "as filed" I am using VoxATC 7.43, FS, with Navigraph AIRAC Data. Does anyone experience the same issue? Thanks,
  8. The QNH set is 1030, I do not know if it is possible to query VoxATC for the current QNH taken into account.
  9. I am using P3D 4.5HF3, with Active Sky, and VoxATC 7.43, the latest one, and I recall having the same issue with previous versions when the QHN was very far from 1013
  10. Hello, I have the same problem actually, it seems when the QNH is very different from 1013, VoxATC make requests to climb or descend to the FL, even if we are cruising at the requested FL (set in the flightplan) with standard pressure setting set in the altimeter. So I guess you are right, VoxATC still works with QNH levels, even at high altitudes, and keep bugging to descend/climb. I got the issue with a QNH of 1030.
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