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  1. Crossfire

    Smooth Panning?

    I don't know how to overclock the right way :(
  2. Crossfire

    Smooth Panning?

    Does anyone want to explain why I am getting really laggy hat switch panning around the plane?
  3. Crossfire

    Optimal Settings?

    Hello! I want to make sure I am getting the most out of my high end computer. What tweaks/mods should i be using such as Nvidia inspector settings for my current setup?If someone could help me out that would be great. My setup is pretty much as good as it gets yet I still have some lag. I have pretty much every add on installed. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something important that I should have. Thanks!
  4. Crossfire

    Smooth Panning?

    I still need help with this. The panning in locked-spot view and cockpit is HORRIBLE. I even did a full repair and still no fix. I have two 770s in SLI so its not that. the hat switch on this yoke sucks i guess? its crappy and annoying i reallllly need help.
  5. Crossfire

    Smooth Panning?

    Hello. I just got new Saitek flight controls and for some reason I feel the panning in the virtual cockpit is kinda slow/choppy/stuttery. Also, the spot plane view outside the airplanes is really slow to move around. (in my opinion) Is there some way I can edit a CFG file or something, somewhere to make it aalot better/faster? Thanks!