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  1. Hey everyone, I recently got a new rig and re-installed FSX along with my NGX add on (the PMDG team was super helpful with the licence review) and followed the suggested settings outlined in the introduction document. The aircraft loaded perfectly fine, I made my adjustments in the FMC and then went to calibrate my joystick via the menu bar in FSX. When that was done and i clicked close to go back into FSX, everything went black. The program was still running as sounds were active and the functions, extending flaps for example, were also working as I could hear them transition. This forced me to restart FSX. Upon restart the same thing happened when I went to open Squawk box - screen went black and I had to force restart. Long story short, anytime I come out of selecting something in the menu bar she goes black. I am running the following: i& 4790K (4ghz) 16GB RAM GeForce 760 GTX 2 GB FSX/OS/PMDG on a SSD Any info or suggestions you guys could provide me would be super helpful!! Thanks so much. Justin Jones YYC