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  1. leroyjkl

    Missing Textures (Invisible Planes)

    I have a 64 bit OS but as i did not know what was causing the problem i looked at some forums that said it could help if you switch over to Vista Compatibility mode but as i said in my latest post i have fixed the problem It was SP1 that was conflicting with the already installed SP1 because i have Gold edition
  2. leroyjkl

    Missing Textures (Invisible Planes)

    I HAVE FIXED IT! So as i have FSX Gold Edition and i installed SP1 witch already comes with SP1 so it was conflicting all i had to do was just re-install and it is all good so thanks guys for the help
  3. leroyjkl

    Missing Textures (Invisible Planes)

    Witch Dirctx should i use 9 or 11?
  4. leroyjkl

    Missing Textures (Invisible Planes)

    As i said in the post i do not have any add-ons not even Vatsim it is squeaky clean
  5. leroyjkl

    Missing Textures (Invisible Planes)

    Would i put the (-) before it or is that no needed? also dose it matter where i place the parameter? in the list of graphics setting or just and where? So i have tried both of the methods with out a restart of my PC and they still do not help it may be because i am not placing it in a particular order so i will supply a pic to make sure i am doing it right. -Leroy
  6. I have this setup: Amd FX 4100 processor A NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Graphics card 16 gigs of DDR3 ram a 2tb hard drive and oh i forgot to mention the 770 i have has 2 gigs of DDR 5 vram OS:Win7 Home Premium So now that we have that out of the way i have FSX10 and from the title you can see that i have invisible planes i do not have any add-on's the planes that are effected are the (Ultralight,Bell 206B JetRanger,Boeing 737-800,Bombardier CRJ700,Piper J-3 Cub) I have tried almost everything in the book all the setting are turned to minimal i do not have Direct X 10 Preview on and for some reason i cannot find UsePool in my fsx.cfg i am aware of WDDM1.1 and have my fsx.exe in Windows Vista Compatibility mode.Yes i have renamed my fsx.cfg and let it rebuild but that changes nothing.like i said i have re installed but that only made it worse it only ocures on the outside (exterior view) of the planes listed above i am very frustrated and would love to fix this problem so i can get back to flying would love any advice to help me fix this problem thanks P.S i have attached some pictures so you can see the problem more in depth a picture so you can see the problem more in depth -Leroy