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  1. WOW Thanks!! This really looks great :smile: It's amazing what can be done with the native engine. I'm sure with a bit of tweaking on the bitmaps more could be achieved. I hope someone from the LR art department is following these forums. BTW, speaking of skies, I was experimenting today with the skydome colors, and noticed my X-Plane only seem to use slots 1-8 instead of the full 16. Reading this thread and noticing you're quite the expert on X-Plane skies, do you know why could this be happening? Video: File to reproduce: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7686719/sky_colors_clean.png Is it only happening to me? I don't have Skymaxx or other weird stuff.
  2. Thanks HumptyDumpy, but yes the replacement clouds were part of the magic
  3. Murmur, can you post again your modified files? There are no longer available on Filedropper :(
  4. Danita

    Scenery problems and airport messes...

    Maybe it has something to do with this? https://#####.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/ftx-global-what-is-it-really-about/