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  1. Well done Sir!!! I didn't check so high!!! Thank's a lot! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. Hi, Does anyone found the switch for the rudder trim? I found the aileron trim (on pedestal) and elevator one (on yokes), but not the rudder! OK, I can adjust it with the keyboard; but it could be better with my joystick!! Regards Alain/for015 :wink: :smile:
  3. Hi, It turns ON/OFF with the radio master switch, on pedestal; in front of the flap command. You can also use the "DIM" button (top right corner) at night. Best regards and flights Alain/for015
  4. Working well for me; arc mode and Active Sky weather engine...
  5. Ok guys, I've find out the procedure in the check list
  6. Hello, Does anyone knows the procedure and command to shut down engines of the DO228? I'm supposed to move right control levers to "shut off"; I hope, but I can't (levers stop at feather position). Your sincerely Alain
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