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  1. silla

    Video card upgrade

    Ah, sorry, I misunderstood you then.
  2. silla

    Video card upgrade

    Today I replaced my GTX 680 with the ASUS GTX 970 STRIX DIRECTCU II. To be honest, playing FSX I noticed absolutely 0 difference. Playing FSX with the Aerosoft Airbus 320, REX Overdrive and 50 more addons had the following impact on the new GTX970: - The GPU temperature raised from 29'C to 31'C when there was a lot going on - GPU usage climbed from 10% to 28% - GPU memory usage increased by 100MB However, if the OP also states that he also wants to play GTA V, then we are talking an entire new ballgame. With that kind of a game you will be noticing a lot of difference with a GTX970. Performance/price wise, it makes more sense to go for the GTX970 than the GTX980. The latter one only makes sense once you start going to resolutions of 1440p and upwards. In Europe the 970 goes for around 350€, whilst the 980 is about 650€. You can get 2x 970 and SLI them for almost the same price as one 980. Playing games at 4K you need at least one GTX980. With a single card you can play modern games, but will have to go easy on AA and the likes. If you want to turn all goodies on, you are looking at GTX 980 SLI. I don't believe you will notice any difference, unless you are running benchmarks. Even if one is slighty more overclocked, you will get very few extra framerates. In my opinion this isn't worth the swap. An 800W will work just fine. An HDD adds about 3W and an SSD 0.3W. There is no need to upgrade to 1000W, unless you plan on running SLI in the future. The issue with the GTX970 and the 4GB is not really an issue, it is blown out of proportion. Yes, you do not have truly 4GB, what you have is 3.5GB and a slower 500MB memory block. Any in-depth test you read online will tell you that this doesn't really impact any gaming. The stutters reported occur when your memory on the GPU is full, the same will happen if you have a GTX980 with the full 4GB and you also use up all of it. Unless you play games with heave texture mods or use the GTX970 to play at very high resolutions (1440p and higher) you will never notice any difference. The only scandal was the fraudulent marketing that nVidia did.