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  1. evvatc

    Next Aircraft?

    Exactly what I was thinking! Wing vapes during high-Gs or AOA and mach cone when operating in the transonic region. Especially on the Tomcat!
  2. I will have to give it a try. Thank you for all the information, it’s been very helpful in making my decision.
  3. Great! Have you experienced any noticeable lag with TrackIR or control inputs when running the TV at 30hz?
  4. I would really appreciate that! Do you happen to use TrackIR?
  5. So you have HDR turned on and Auto Motion Plus set to Auto? Thanks for the feedback. I have been trying to get all the information I can on specific 4K TVs so this is very helpful. The other TV I was looking at was the TCL 43S405. I'm really leaning towards the Samsung. I'm kind of limited on deskspace so I think the 40 would be better than the 43.
  6. I was looking at the same TV to use for my simpit. How do you like so far?