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  1. Hi Dave Since updating to v2311 I have been experiencing a few problems at KSTS (I use the ORBX version), particularly when desiring to takeoff from runway 14. I receive taxi instructions from ground to taxi to runway 14 and as i approach the holding point for runway 14 i get handed over to tower as expected. Nonetheless, this is where things get truly interesting. I report that i am ready for departure and tower instructs me to lineup and wait. Alas, that is as far as it goes... I simply dont get takeoff clearance, i just wait and wait and wait... You get the idea (its pretty annoying to say the least). If, while i am lined up and waiting on runway 14 and i report ready for departure from runway 20, i immediately get cleared for takeoff, no problem... Thus, i have concluded that the problem must lie with runway 14, as all the other runways at KSTS appears to function properly. KSTS was upgraded a few years ago. Basically the two runways were decoupled and both were extended. Runway 14 / 32 was extended almost 1000 feet and 01/19 (as it was then (now 02/20)) was extended 200 feet. The ORBX version of KSTS is unfortunately based on the airport as it existed prior to these upgrades. I have a strange feeling that whatever data P2A uses to determine the starting point / end point of a runway may be based on the airport as it is now, with the extended runways, and not on the airport as it was prior to the upgrades and reflected in the ORBX version. If i open taxiway maintenance and click the runway name button, it shows the runway names in the positions where the they now start (i.e. subsequent to the upgrades). Anyway, once i started suspecting that this may be the problem i attempted again to get clearance form takeoff on runway 14. this time, when i received the instruction to lineup and wait on 14, i taxied back past the start of the runway, onto the grass and continued going until on the P2A moving map i was about halfway between the runway (as it is in the sim) and the runway name box and finally, i got clearance to takeoff... I really hope that you can look into this problem and come up with some form of solution if at all possible. Its been driving me insane. Regards, Ian
  2. Okay Dave, so followed your advice and updated to v2202 and i can report that the problem persists... Tried KSTS to KSQL once again. I got a VFR clearance from ground as i did before, taxied to runway 20, and got airborne. During my climb (4.8nm from KSTS to be precise) tower told me to contact center. Upon having done this i was again immediately handed over to approach who in turn told me to expect runway 20 and to call KSQL tower. Ian
  3. Dave As always, thanks for the prompt response. Alas, i doubt whether the Controller Radius setting is the problem here. When it first happened i immediately checked as i also thought that it may well be the problem. I have now double checked and the Controller Radius is set as follows: Tower = 5; Departure = 10; Approach = 20; Center = 40. So, if i understand your explanation correctly (and i may well be mistaken), it would, in my case with the controller radius set up as it is, mean that center should pass me on to the approach controller when i am approximately 20 miles from my destination, and then approach should pass me along to tower as i get closer to it (5 miles). This however is not the case. I was instructed to call approach while still a good 70 miles from my destination (with approach controller radius set at 20), and immediately upon having checked in with approach, i was told to call the tower... There is also the problem with approach informing me to expect a runway which the destination airport doesn't have. For example, when flying from KSQL to KSTS, i was told to expect runway 30, while KSTS doesn't have a runway 30, but rather 02/20 and 32/14. Runway 30 was the runway at KSQL from which i got airborne. Also, when flying from KSTS to KSQL, approach, as it instructed me to call tower, told me to expect runway 20. KSQL has runway 30/12, but not a runway 20. This is rather takeoff runway at KSTS. I will nonetheless set the controller radius as you suggest and try the flight again and report back. Thanks again, Ian
  4. Hi Dave, Over the weekend i had some time and decided to upgrade to v 2201 and give it a bit of a go. Most unfortunately, i came across a few problems. I planned a quick VFR flight (85nm) from San Carlos (KSQL) to Santa Rosa (KSTS). The route as follows: KSQL to Woodside VOR (OSI), then to SEEMS intersection following v25 to POINT REYES VOR (PYE) and then direct to KSTS. I validated and filed the flight plan and got going. To do things a bit differently, i decided to get VFR clearance form the ground controller at KSQL (it seemed to be the most appropriate thing to do). After I obtained VFR clearance, i requested to taxi to runway 30. Just before i got the 30 holding point i was instructed to call tower which i did... Anyway, i received my takeoff clearance and got underway climbing to 4500ft and tracking the 180 degree radial to OSI. Once overhead OSI, i started heading to SEEMS intersection and soon after received the instruction from KSQL tower to contact center on 127.45 (this was not the departure frequency i was given during the VFR clearance, though not a huge problem at all). I tuned the radio and checked in, informing the center controller that i was at 3400 climbing to 4500 and the response was as follows "Cessna Niner Whiskey Siera good afternoon . Radar Contact. Contact OAKLAND ARTCC APPROACH on One Two Seven Point Eight, have a good afternoon". So, i called up Oakland App on 127.8 (which by the way is the KSTS approach frequency) and checked in, but then it got real interesting... The approach controller, after having informed me that he's got me on radar, told me to "Expect runway Three Zero" (KSTS doesn't have a runway 30) and to "Contact Tower on One One Eight Point Five" (which is the tower frequency at KSTS). It should be noted that at this stage i was still well ove 70nm from KSTS. Thinking that i messed something up, i tried the flight again and got the exact same thing (three times). I also tried a VFR flight from KSTS to KSQL (via PYE direct to OSI) and the same thing happened. I got a VFR clearance from KSTS ground, taxied to runway 20, got takeoff clearance and got airborne. While routing towards PYE, i was told to contact center on 132.2 which i did. Center immediately told me to call "NORCAL APPROACH on One Three Three Point Niner Five" (the approach frequency at KSQL). Once i tuned into 133.95 and checked in, the controller once again instructed me, while still 75nm form KSQL, to "Expect runway Two Zero" (which KSQL doesn't have, but which is the runway at KSTS from which i took off) and to "Contact Tower on One One Niner point zero" (KSQL tower). I even tried the KSTS to KSQL flight (as described above) without getting a VFR clearace from the ground controller, but rather a flight following from tower once airborne . This too had the exact same consequence as alluded to above. I also notice that when validatig and filing a VFR flight plan, I no longer get the TOD waypoint. I dont know whether or not this is normal. If you could please look into this problem it would be appreciated. Regardless of how much i love this amazing piece of software, being handed over to the destiation tower while still 70 plus miles out kinda kills the realism, esspecially if you are told to expect a runway which the destination airport doesnt have... Overall, i can say that i am amazed at how much P2A has improved since i first started using it. Just shows that your hard work is not in vain, I appreciate it!!! Regards, Ian
  5. Hi Dave There appears to be a problem when it comes to cancelling a flight following during VFR flights, both with and without a flight plan. I have on numerous occasions to date attempted to cancel flight following, but I have unfortunately not been able to do so (ever). Every time I ask to cancel flight following I am told to repeat the request with the destination airport identifier. I find this strange because the sayit function doesn’t even make provision for including the destination airport identifier in the call. Assistance in this regard will be appreciated. Ian
  6. I am unable to get a flight following if i make the request by voice. Each and every time i make the request for a flight following, i end up getting an unhandled exception (literally each and ever time). I have tried the exact same flight (KSTS - PYE - OSI - KPAO) more times than I can remember and no luck getting flight following by voice. :mad: If I use the SayIt function however, no problem! Initially I thought I merely messed up the phraseology, but I have checked time and time again in the conversation area and i am understood perfectly. I have tried both com1 and 2, with and without a flight plan, made the request during the climb, at cruising altitude, etc. and still no luck. Since i am not seeing anyone else posting with a similar issue, i guess the problem is on my side, but what it is, that alas i do not know. Please assist... Notwithstanding the unfortunate issue, i must say well done! Compared to all other ATC add-on's i have tried, P2A is, to my mind, the best by far. So thanks for this amazing program. :smile: Regards, Ian