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  1. Wow, thanks for the extremely quick reply... and also for the information. Unfortunately I don't own this panel (yet), but since from time to time some interesting deal comes up, and having in mind to purchase one, I was curious about whether it would be easy to interface it without being bound to a particular driver or program. Thanks again! GiorgioCC
  2. Hallo, I'm not really sure that I'm not going to touch a sensitive spot, but I'd really like to ask a question. Since LINDA supports the VRInsight MCP Combo II, it means that the developers have fairly complete information about the serial protocol used by this device; I haven't seen this protocol documented anywhere. The question is: would it be possible to publish some information about such protocol, or would it violate some kind of non-disclosure agreement that the developers might have subscribed (or simply create copyright issues that had better be avoided)? Thanks GiorgioCC
  3. Hi, I seem to have the same problem. Any indication on how to detect layers that "should not be there" so I can try and solve it too? Thanks & best regards Giorgio Croci Candiani
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