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  1. Update: I was messing around in AC3D and I was able to put the 3d obj files of the GTN 750 in the FJS 727, I just dont know how to put the actual "screen" of the GTN. If anybody could give me some hints, would be appreciated. I've chosen to put in the right side to preserve the FMC and Civa.
  2. Thank you for your reply. For the first question, I tried to follow this guide, but there is no gauges in the picture generated (or I did something wrong, the picture was weird). The answear for the second question, GTN in 2d pop up window works flawless with the FJS 727 Autopilot. I tried to replace the FMC obj files with the GTN750 3d obj in planemaker and it kind of worked(In planemaker the GTN750 3d obj showed up instead of the fmc), but when I loaded in X-Plane, there was just an empty space with the FMC screen and invisible buttons. I tried to this because I didnt now how to calculate the coordinates to put in another place. Finally, here is a video taken this month of a real 727 with GTN750 flying in Brazil.
  3. Hi all, is that possible to someone share a guide to how to put the 3d objects of the GTN on 3d cockpit, I am struggling to do that . I want to put on the FJS 727 v3, and I have some pictures of a real 727 with GTN 750. Thank you in advance.
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