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  1. FedorKlootwijk

    8.33 kHz spacing

    Thanks Dave, problem solved Fedor
  2. FedorKlootwijk

    8.33 kHz spacing

    Thanks, I will update Navigraph tomorrow. Fedor
  3. FedorKlootwijk

    8.33 kHz spacing

    Hi Dave, I have installed the latest beta, but still have the problem dialling in the frequencies in my radio's. For instance EHRD TWR is still 118.19 and due to the restrictions of P3D I can only dial 118.175 or 118.2. When I let the co-pilot of P2A change frequencies the correct frequency (118.19) appears on the display of my com1 radio But when I want to change it myself I have to leave my cockpit and change frequency in P2A. I understand that changing the frequency in the database via the config screen is not possible either. Please advise Fedor
  4. FedorKlootwijk

    8.33 kHz spacing

    Hi Dave, Since the introduction of Navigraph data, it's no longer possible to change com frequencies of an airport. Now I have the following problem: Navigraph uses the new frequencies with 8.33 kHz spacing, but FSX and P3D can handle only 25 kHz spacing. So in my (hardware) cockpit I can only dial the 25kHz spaced frequencies. I can set the 8.33 spaced frequencies in P2A, but that is outside my cockpit on a networked PC and it's not realistic for me. Of course P3D should update it's software, but that's not the case at the moment. It would be a great help if I could manually change the com frequencies of an airport, just like I can with taxiways and gates. I don't think I am the only one with this problem. So maybe you have a solution. Thanks in advance Fedor
  5. Hi Dave, I have a problem with the read back of taxi instructions. Every other request or read back is understood well, but not the taxi instructions. Even if I use SayIt, ATC keeps repeating the instructions over and over again. The assigned route is a valid route to the runway, but the read back seems not to be recognized. Fedor
  6. FedorKlootwijk

    assigning taxi route

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the new release. After importing scenery from P3D some taxiroutes work, others don’t, but now I managed to reconnect the taxiways to the runway and I get the right route from the gate to the runway. So now I can synchronize my scenery with the ATC instructions. Thanks. Fedor
  7. FedorKlootwijk

    assigning taxi route

    Just installed update Thanks for constantly improving the program. But since the last update ATC seems to have a problem assigning taxi routes. I used the new feature to import taxiways and gates from my P3D scenery. In the taxiway maintenance screen it looks more or less OK, but after positioning the aircraft at a gate (or any other spot), assigning an active runway and pressing display route, nothing happens. When running the program in the sim the taxi clearance only exists of "taxi to runway x" without a route. At some airports I get a route, but at most airports no route is assigned (for instance EGMC, EGKK). Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. In vs 2.2 I had no problems. Fedor
  8. FedorKlootwijk

    Return to the field, diversion to alternate

    Thanks, Fedor
  9. FedorKlootwijk

    Return to the field, diversion to alternate

    Hi Dave, I tried once more to get vectors to an airport that is not in the flightplan as destination airport, but no joy. I don't use Sayit, but do everything by voice. As stated earlier the phrase is recognized, but there is no response from the controller. Maybe you can have a look at it. I also have a second question: when I call the tower ready for departure holding short of the designated departure runway, I always get a cleared for take off, never a line up and wait. Is that normal? Thanks again, Fedor
  10. FedorKlootwijk

    Return to the field, diversion to alternate

    Hi Dave, I tried a dozen times to get an approach to another airport than the destination airport, but no joy. For instance: I have a flightplan filed LGAV-LGTS. After takeoff I want to return to the LGAV. So I ask: KLM146 (inbound at....feet) request radar vectors for ILS to runway 03R at Lima Golf Alpha Victor, but no answer on the tower, departure or approach frequency. The recognition is OK (correct,green text) and there is immediate respons on the frequency when I ask for a radio check. The only way to accomplish what I want is by changing the flightplan to LGAV-LGAV and file it in the air and then ask for vectors again. What am I doing wrong? Fedor
  11. I know it has been brought up before, but I feel it is important enough to start a new topic. At the moment there seems to be no possibility to ask for a return to the field in case of trouble (technical or medical emergency/distress). For instance with an engine failure after take off, it would be nice to have the possibility to report this to the tower and ask for vectors to return to the field. As far as I have discovered, the program now only can give vectors to the destination airport of the flightplan. A second wish would be the possibility to divert to a planned or not planned alternate. Both would add a lot to IMO already the best ATC software on the market. Fedor
  12. FedorKlootwijk

    ATIS, ATC and altitude.

    As far as I know (Dave is the ultimate source of information) ATIS is generated on basis of the current weather in the simulator and the departure runway is what you have chosen in your flightplan. So it is up to you to choose the right runway. I know it is not entirely according to the RW, but your clearance states a SID and you are supposed to adhere to the altitude restrictions of that SID. ATC gives you clearance to climb to a maximum altitude/level, but within that clearance you have to respect the restrictions of the SID. Fedor
  13. FedorKlootwijk

    keeping changes to gates and taxiways

    Thanks, I'll install the full version in a separate directory Fedor
  14. Hi dave, Installed v2.2.2.0. Great improvement! Vectoring is really excellent. Missed approaches can be flown by the book. I installed the update, because I wanted to keep the changes I made to several airports. For instance at LGAV I rearranged and renamed the parking positions according to the official charts. After landing I could ask for a specific gate and were directed to that gate. After installing the update I'm always directed to gate 1, whatever I ask for. Is this a bug that can be solved or do I have to install the full version. And after installing the full version can I make changes to the airports as I'm used to? Thanks in advance, Fedor
  15. FedorKlootwijk

    say again unhandled exception

    Hello, I'm currently practicing approaches and P2ATC is vectoring me very well. My requests for vectoring as well as my readbacks for heading and altitude are understood well, but every time I use the phrase "say again" I get an "unhandled exception". It seems to be a bug. Oh, I'm running the latest beta.