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  1. AlexP144

    P3D flickering not responding

    I have near enough the same but I've noticed that whenever I click onto P3D V3 it says not responding and then responded instantly. Also I can change tasks to stop it but when I click on P3D again it starts flickering on and off, not responding and responding.
  2. AlexP144

    P3D flickering not responding

    I open P3D and no other processes open
  3. AlexP144

    P3D flickering not responding

    dwm.exe is eating up no CPU power and hardly any ram
  4. AlexP144

    P3D flickering not responding

    I've tried windows forums and it says to open Serivces.msc, and then find Desktop Window Manager Session Manager service but I cant find it in sercvices.msc
  5. AlexP144

    P3D flickering not responding

    My idea was it was windows as it happened with other programs. I use windows 10.
  6. I've had P3D for a long time now and over the last week I have noticed that P3D keeps flickering not responding, It does this continuously and I cannot find a solution. Please Help!
  7. AlexP144

    P3D wont start

    i've had P3D for around 6 months now and I have never encountered any problems. But from yesterday I started P3D but it then came up with the loading screen but then immediately closed down but still saying it was running. HELP!
  8. AlexP144

    P3D will not start!

    I've had P3D for around 6 months, no problems that i wasn't able to solve. But only yesterday i encounted a problem in which P3D loads but does not open, I have tried reinstalling, a new scenery.cfg and repairing but nothing has worked. Please HELP!