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  1. Yes I have steves fixer as stated in my original post. I have read pauls guide cover to cover more than once and the only thing i can think to do is start turning scenery sliders down but I had a near perfect experience before I installed ftx global and vector.
  2. Thanks again for the reply,I have tried a variety of ways, following pauls Guide I have got the slider set to 33 and left inspector with no value, using that I still get 50-70 fps flying out of kingston jamaica (my test flight). I am using razor game booster which could be the problem but even without it the foggy textures are there. Last night I also added lor radius upto 9.5 which in a slow moving aircraft pretty much fixes it but when I'm in a jet doing 300+ its awful.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I deleted my config and started again with just HIGHMEMFIX=1 and followed the how to guide. All seems to be perfect apart from I still can't lock the fps, I have tried a variety of ways. My other problem is the ground scenery fets blurry with altitude, like there is a layer of fog over the roads? I'm using ftx global and vector.
  4. Thanks for the reply Paul. I have read alot and researched alot which is why I'm up to the stage I am. I'm quite happy with how it runs, above a few 1000 ft its 60 fps constant and in himalayas over 100! Nividia inspector doesn't seem to work for me, maybe its due to razer booster, and by that I mean the frame limiter is not working (I put 30 in) I was wondering if there is anything I am missing regards must have tweaks. I can't seem to download the guide which is pinned a topic, just keep getting timed out.
  5. Hi, I have tried to sift through all the info on this to get my best results but I'm hoping some experts on here can guide me. My specs are below I7 dual core 2.9ghz 8Gb ram nividia 640 Le 2Gb I have all scenery sliders max, Most aircraft extras turned off and traffic set at only 10% on most, and my only tweak is HIGHNEMFIX=1 I have bought steve fx fixer and applied it. I have just bought ftx glibal and vector and love the visuals.I'm getting 60fps in the air and 20-30 on the ground at manchester or heathrow depending on the aircraft. My question is what else can I do to boist performance abit? I'm using razer game booster so fps limiters aren't working for me. Hope someone can help. Regards Kenny