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  1. thank you Gerald, I didn't have too much time at home today so I quickly looked at the scripts with the voxscript tool. I found some lines weren't working, for example the "vhf nav both to normal" wasn't recognized, while the vhf nav to normal triggered a correct answer but no switch operation, have to try different option on that to see if one actually sets the switch. for the position lights, correct as per boeing labels, but probably not for mce, I found that the command "NAVIGATION lights steady" is working correctly instead. And for the start attempts at each start switch position change I solved changing from "left engine start switch off" to "start switch one off", maybe not as beautiful but working. I will continue as soon as I have more time, at this point I'll also edit them as per my SOPs, just tell me if you prefer only the list of commands not working or the corrected scripts directly (they wont be the same, but they are boeing and easa approved anyway )
  2. sorry my post wasn't clear. the "misunderstanding" happens during the flows that come with mce, not after voice commands. I will probably edit them in the future to make them like my company's SOPs, but I wanted to try them as they are for the time being. So I wanted to know how they work/don't work. I will try to see if I get the f/o to operate those switches by giving direct commands, if it can help. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, still having fun with this program, last time I reinstalled it I saw it comes with flows for my ifly 737 (fs9) already. so I decided to test them, and even if a bit slow in the execution (but maybe trav is just one of those line training guys), they were generally ok. The problem is that it seems to misunderstood some commands, for example it tries to "push irs position button" instead of setting position lights and tries to start the engines (and, smart enough, tells me that they are running already) every time he has to change the engine start selector position (eg to select "continuos" or going back to "auto"). Could it be that I have to set those functions to a specific key combination to work in the flows and\or in the sim itself? thanks!