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  1. soundman9

    Extremely Nervous Pilots!

    Oh great! thanks a lot for the quick response Pete
  2. Hi Guys This is my first post but I have been using this site for info since I got into flight simming 3 years ago I love flying the Dash 8 q400 but the only thing I have noticed is that in outside view (looking at the cockpit) the pilots are constantly bracing (grabbing their heads) at the slightest bump of turbulence. It seems extremely sensitive but I can't find posts regarding this online which makes me think I may be doing something wrong. I have followed a lot of tutorials but hopefully their may be some ideas on here to stop it as I can't film any landings the way it is as it just looks stupid. FYI i use prepar3d Cheers
  3. Hi people. This is my first post so apologies if it may be in the wrong section. I have found a lot of useful answers here so hopefully someone can help. Firstly i usually use a goconnect server supplied with the airline im on but its quite laggy and i am trying to do some formation flying so trying the open servers. Basically it seems i can connect directly using the IP address on servers as i spawn and can open and use the chat window. I can change views and pan around the aircraft but the aircraft is not recieving any input with controls ie engine start, rudder and wing movements using both my yoke or the keyboard keys. My friend is able to do everything perfectly. I have opened the following ports to try to resolve with no success. 2300-2400 6000 23456 6112 6073 Now the strange part is my other friend can host a session and everything works perfectly but on any other ip i get nothing!?? Hopefully this gives you enough to work with but please let me know if there is anything i can try. Cheers