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  1. If P3D scenery is also compatible with fsx, wouldn't it be possible to replace all the default scenery with the scenery and mesh from P3D v4? Surely this would result in better graphics and more. However it would require P3D v4 and Fsx, which is pointless because of you have both, you'd just use P3D. Just a quick idea I thought of in bed :P
  2. FSX-SE Won't load

    I found the problem. My pc doesn't like to run fsx.exe in xp sp3 compatibility mode.
  3. FSX-SE Won't load

    The PMDG Guide, which I followed, informs you to delete that folder. The only file in that folder is fsx.cfg, which is empty. Best, David W
  4. FSX-SE Won't load

    I have no addons for fsx. Only freeware airplanes and these were all deleted when reinstalling FSX. That's ruled out. It wouldn't be scenery.cfg because thsi would have been deleted upon reinstall. The fsx.cfg has been deleted several times. You say that it is a system error, but I had FSX:SE working, then I closed it, watched some YouTube and Netflix and tried launching again and it CTDed within two hours of it working. No restart, program installs or anything. Best, David W
  5. Hi there! I recently ran into an issue where FSXSE was not launching. I'd click Play in Steam. It would run as admin, show up with the splash screen and error out. I've used the AVSIM CTD Guide. The error ocurrs in ntdll.dll. All fixes I've seen for this don't work. No new RAM installed. Timings are fine in mobo bios. No CPU overclock. Also done a complete reinstall based on the PMDG FSX re-install guide. If you need more info, just ask! Thanks, David W EDIT: Running Win10. Up-to-date.