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  1. nckd

    Issue, or maybe a bug?

    Tonight on a flight from MHTG to MUCC, I was nearing my top of descent when the autopilot went completely haywire, I was away from the computer when it occured. Basically the auto pilot put the plane into a sharp 60 degree bank, going around in circles which resulted in a stall. So I disengaged the auto pilot and manually brought the plane back up to FL300. When I was back to altitude the A/P wouldn't work, it wouldn't turn on, and when It did I had the heading hold selected and the VNAV and RNAV both disabled. But the plane still kept putting inself into a sharp bank no matter what the heading I had set was. And then after that it simply would not engage at all. The only way to finish the flight was by manual flying it and controlling speed myself. Could this be a bug or something? Thanks