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  1. Hello all, I have bought a new pc and everything is working very good, but there's one thing that i cant figure out, The texture max load, is there anything to put the radius higher than normal because when i am flying there's a round circle around me and loads everytime a little bit further my pc is faster enough to load more texture than normal. My pc specifications are: I7 4770k 3,9 GHz Asus gtx 780 3GB 16 gb RAM 256gb ssd Windows 7 pro Is there any way to increase it, to look it more realistic i ilke it when there's more texture around me it looks more realistic. If i look on youtube there are many more people like that the radius around it is very big and very nice. I hope somoene can help me with this, Regards, Tom
  2. Hello, Since i have my new pc fsx load really slow i dont get it my pc is good enough to load fast all the textures my pc specs are: I7 4770k 3.5ghz with turbo 3.9 Nvidia geforce gtx 780 16 gb ram 256gb ssd I tought this setup was good enough for fsx but the textures are loading very slow Can i do something to fix this? Thanks
  3. Thank you all for the information, But i just wondering, now i have a cooler master hyper evo tx3 i think i cant overclock with this cooler but maybe some have experience with this cooler or did somthing know about this cooler
  4. Hello, I got a i7 4770k processor at 3.5 ghz with turbo boost at 3.9 ghz but is it better to overclock it for fsx to get it smoothly on ultimate graphics? My pc: Windows 7 professional 16 GB RAM I7 4770k Nvdia gtx 780 3 gb 256 gb Solid state drive If it is better to overclock it i gonna buy a corsair h100i liquid cooling thanks,
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