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  1. sgoen

    Cant Register

    Does anyone know how to submit a ticket to PMDG. If Iuse, you just keep going in a circle an I can not find how to submit a ticket. I email PMDG from my purchase link an have had no responce from PMDG. After installing a new hard drive, I can not register my 737. I get an error that I have used up my number of times I can register. I am very frustrated becuse of the price you pay, I should not have to go through this much effert to install an addon to a game. Thanks for anyone help and sorry for venting. Never mind, I was just able to find the extra tab. For some reason it would not so up on my web browser.
  2. sgoen

    Cant Register

    After having a compute crash, loss of hard drive and motherboard, I finally got my computer up an running. When I went to install my 737 an 777, I get an error that I have registared to many time. Can someone rest the regstration for me. PMDG web site says they stopped replying to email earlier this month and I have to post her. Please help.