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  1. Dave.Pelair

    Reality XP GNS V2 No Add-on Menu

    Hi, Got Reality XP working correctly now with Emuteq. in Prepar3d under Win 10. Dave
  2. Dave.Pelair

    Reality XP GNS V2 No Add-on Menu

    Hi, I just downloaded the latest software and was able to fully install to my win 7 P3D Vers2.5 computer. Now I want to interface my Emuteq GNS530 with P3D. It has worked faultlessly on \the previous RXP with FSX. Starting with Keyboard taps before going into FSUIPC for the hookup. Problem is that at this stage, the only key combination that works is ctrl+v which is allocated to "message". Now, going through FSUIPC, I can press Emiteq "MSG" button and that works perfectly. Occasionally, I can get ctrl+j to work for "ent" but that is intermiittent and usually after hitting the windows key even though 'win' is not part of this keystroke input. Incidentally, I have exactly the same problem with my new Win 10 P3D V 3.4 computer. No 'win+...' key combinations work with either computer using separate keyboards. Is there anyone who has successfully interfaced the new Reality XP into Emuteq? RealityXP.GNS.ini is located in Documents\RealityXP\GNS Simulation\FltSim on both computers and clearly there is some communication
  3. Dave.Pelair

    Reality XP GNS V2 No Add-on Menu

    Thanks for your response. I have taken screen shots, saved them to a WORD document and tried to paste them into this reply but I can't get them to paste. Is there an email address I could use for this one occasion? Thanks, Dave.
  4. Dave.Pelair

    Reality XP GNS V2 No Add-on Menu

    Thanks, it is working. I also purchased another copy for Prepar3d Vers 2.5 which I am running on a different computer under windows 7. It indicates that it is installed and even shows the addon pulldown >setup.when I run P3D Ver 2.5 Setup gives me a scree with choices and "click to continue" but there is no box to click. If I click where the "continue" box should be, I do get a reaction in the form of a new box with configuration choices. When I click the down arrow, nothing happens. I have updated with 2.3.3. Please help.