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  1. wyman369

    Dino Cattaneo T-45c setup problem

    Hi ScotFlieger, I tried to add 2 functions to lib-fallback.lua which are 1) function Radios_NAV_ONE_AUDIO_toggle () _logg("NAV_AUDIO_toggle nav"..nav_sel) if _t("nav1") then if _MCP1 () then DspShow("NAV1","aud") else DspRadioIdent_on () end ipc.control(65837) else if _MCP1 () then DspShow("NAV1","off") else DspRadioIdent_off () end ipc.control(65832) end end 2) function Radios_NAV_TWO_AUDIO_toggle () _logg("NAV_AUDIO_toggle nav"..nav_sel) if _t("nav2") then if _MCP1 () then DspShow("NAV2","aud") else DspRadioIdent_on () end ipc.control(65838) else if _MCP1 () then DspShow("NAV2","off") else DspRadioIdent_off () end ipc.control(65833) end end After that the 2 functions names that I can select for the button what I want to map. But it seems not work. I am not good for programming. I have no idea to edit. Hi Henry, Thank you for your suggestion. I created a new file call lib-t45.lua to the linda/lib/ directory. I tried to add 2 simply functions to the file which are following: function _THROTTLE_CUT (p) ipc.writeUW(0x3590, p) end function _TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS (p) ipc.control(66061, p) end In the Linda, I can select T45 for above function to the key what I want. But it doesn't work. um....I still have no idea to edit the code.
  2. I am using SPAD.next and LINDA(v2.8.6). I am using some saitek panels. Now I want to do some keys mapping for the aircraft T-45C Goshawk(by Dino Cattaneo) with LINDA. But some functions of the aircraft cannot be found in the "LIB:Default FSX" menu. 1) Does anyone know how can I find the FUEL SHUTOFF toggle in the "LIB:Default FSX" menu. Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5XgVw5-ySC2NThxaXN5WkJRaGs/view?usp=sharing 2) Why there is only "Radios NAV AUDIO toggle" for NAV1 in the "LIB:Default FSX", how about NAV2? Please help.
  3. wyman369

    Saitek Radio Panel Interface

    Hi ScotFlieger, I am happy for your reply. It's work now. My problem has been fixed. Thank you very much.
  4. wyman369

    Saitek Radio Panel Interface

    Hi ScotFlieger I just bought 2 Saitek panels which are Multi Panel and Radio Panel. I got a problem with saitek and LINDA(v2.8.5) setup that likes Gidlet who mentioned. I followed above instruction to remove all of saitek drivers and software. I also copy related device config from config-hid-saitek.lua to config-hid.lua which are located at /FSX/Modules/linda-cfg/aircrafts/FSX Default/ directory, but I don't know how to the config-hid.lua in /fsx/modules/linda-cfg/system/. When I start FSX and start LINDA.exe, Two panels buttons control fine but delay. The both panels LCD display incorrect. The multi panel cannot display any HDG, VS, ALT etc number. The two rows LCDs of the radio panel can only display com1 frequency whatever I switch to com2, NAV1 and NAV2. (There is an image to show what I mention: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5XgVw5-ySC2b1BySWl2eWN5b1k/view?usp=sharing) My config files setting: 1) /FSX/Modules/linda-cfg/aircrafts/FSX Default/config-hid.lua https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5XgVw5-ySC2OHd1bzFPWTM3YjA/view 2) /fsx/modules/linda-cfg/system/config-hid.lua https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5XgVw5-ySC2R3hBTF9ZT2tnRlk/view?usp=sharing FSX Version: Steam Edition FSUIPC: Registered version Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!