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  1. jfuenmayor

    KBOS scenery with 14/32?

    Hi to all: I have created a scenery for the KBOS airport using Scruffyduck's ADE which is in accordance with the latest freely available satellite imagery and compiled with the P3D V3 SDK to create the .bgl files. This work has completely redrawn the taxiways but contains some of the buildings modeled in the stock airport. Are there any copyright issues related to using these stock airport buildings or must they be remodeled from scratch?. I have been thinking about sharing this work with the fly simulation community. Other than the stock buildings, everything else has been created from scratch by me. I would appreciate any input in this regard. I have some images available but I am not sure as to how to post them here. In my rendering, RWY 13-32 can be implemented only for takeoff.