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  1. Will soon by release the version. At the loading of the airplane, a window will appear with the update request. You will need to press on "yes please", and start downloading the update. Once you received it, will need to reload the aircraft. This update is almost 70Mb big: 68Mb are about graphical updates, a little bit more than 1Mb is about updated scripts. When the updated process will be completed you’ll find the changelog.txt file into the root folder of the plane. Thank you! P.S. Of course, the directions are for customers ... :smile:
  2. Unfortunately we can not confirm the release of the product later this year as planned. As you all know in software development there are many unknowns and unexpected difficult to predict in advance. We are in beta test for several months during which we solved all the bugs that we detected, we were almost sure to end this phase by the end of this month,Unfortunately, the tests must continue for at least 3-4 weeks. Our company policy is to release products as exhaustive as possible and with the least possible number of bugs, one must understand that we are developing and we will develop sim study level aircraft which require a immense development work and high test times. As regards compatibility with X-Plane 11 will be surely provided, but have to wait that the 11 is no longer a version beta. Later we will work for a official version Xp11 of the plane that includederà the new functionality provided by the Laminar. Sorry, but we can ensure that the plane's release is very close. Thanks for your patience!! Some previews: parsec A.T.S. We not know well the characteristics of the MD88 Rotate, we know that this is not a study level. Our plane instead it is..
  3. External night screenshots with fully lit cockpit...
  4. Work with lights proceed, this time concerns the cockpit: here you can see some screenshots regarding pilot and copilot fluorescent lights only, pilot and copilot incandescent lights only, all flood lights but the cockpit flood and alternate thunderstorm, and last but not the least flood lights pilot + copilot + pedestal + central instrument panel + overhead. As the spill lights are somewhat ‘heavy’ with the frame rate we’re still working about their optimization in order to keep the frame rate as high as possible.
  5. Two shots taken quickly, custom lights only HDR on.
  6. Thank you so much!!!! parsec
  7. Some general pictures of the cockpit...
  8. Another view from the cabin, always WIP.. parsec
  9. Hello all, as the work continue incessantly here’s a little preview of the cabin, work is at 90% so it’s almost ready.
  10. Hello all, I noticed that we never started here a thread about our MD-82 & 83 project for X-Plane, so probably very few of yours are aware about it. I started the project in the very beginning of 2013 (you can check the original thread started on the .org at that time) with the well-defined objective to hit the market with a product provided with a very high level of realism: this mean that the project totally started from scratch (no conversions and/or re-use of existing material) alongside a long, and still in progress, documentation phase supported by two active MD-82 pilots. AlfaMike became a member of the team one year ago and since then we totally changed the development process, both in terms of coding languages and an increased number of simulated systems: of course this means a longer development time, but as I said we want to reach a high level of realism (we’ll not release a system until we’ll be satisfied enough) and this is the main reason we haven’t yet published a video, showing something that is incomplete is not in our to-do list. We'll keep you posted and we're sure you'll be very pleased when you'll watch our first videos. Thank you Parsec