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  1. Mike Donovan

    Prepar3d versus FSX Pmdg Products

    Kyle, I completely understand now, thank you for your informative reply I hope that I did not come across as being disrespectful that certainly was not my intention. Looking forward to pay day when I can get these products loaded in. Once again thank you. Kind Regards Mike Donovan
  2. Mike Donovan

    Prepar3d versus FSX Pmdg Products

    Bob, Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I guessed there would be a valid reason for this to be the case and I will undoubtedly pay to have them back in my hangar too as quite frankly nothing else cuts it in my honest opinion. Thanks again for the swift reply. Kind Regards Mike
  3. Good morning, I am a very passionate flight sim enthusiast and I have spent a lot of time and money into making my hobby both enjoyable and as realistic as possible by taking advantage of some of the amazing array of high quality products for the various flight simulators. I started on FS9 and then moved onto FSX followed by FSX SE. I also invested in a quality Flight Sim PC from Chillblast, unfortunately like so many others I have suffered dearly at the hands of FSX's instability and after extensive research I have now purchased Prepar3d which has allowed me to have the confidence to fly without the problems of OOM/CTD errors. I have throughout my flight sim years stuck firmly with the outstanding PMDG products 737, 777 and 747 unfortunately I am unable to run these on Prepar3d because of the different software files between FSX and Prepar3d, my question is why are we being charged an extra 20 and 45 dollars respectively for the 737 NGX and 777 Base Packages for the Prepar3d software (expansion packs are the same price as before)? I have noticed that pretty much most of the big software names like ORBX, Aivlasoft, Fly Tampa, UK2000 and FS Dreamteam to name but a few have all made their products available to download for Prepar3d at no extra charge to the customer. I feel that we are being somewhat exploited which is a shame because they are superb products and I will no doubt have to suck it up in the end and buy them if I want to enjoy my simulator as before, whilst it may not seem a lot of money I would like to know the rationale behind the decision to do that.