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  1. Think I had a win! Doing some trial and error problem solving to find that the sound effects were split between headset and speakers. Took my headset to find the fire bell blarring away from the speaker. Disable the speakers completely and it all went back through the headset. Problem solved......I hope! Cheers Mister W
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before. Tried the search function on the forum with no result. Loaded FS2Crew yesterday for the first time having just bought it. Had no trouble loading and running it using Button control and was very inpressed with the whole thing. The trouble started when I tried running it through a headset using Voice control. The sounds for the fire bell, stall and mach (overspeed) warnings and clicking from switches have stopped working. Even tried going back to how it was functioning well using Button control and speakers but with no joy. Everything else seem to work fine execpt for those sounds. Please help Kind regards, Darren (Mister W)